Out of Senses 1997

Curator: Jan Foncé

In the installation of Out of Senses in Antwerp in 1997, I put together works that created a dialog between private motherhood  and the public Motherland as expressed through a generational narrative..

The puzzle Mother and Daughter (1994), showing my mother holding me as a toddler with in the background the Swiss landscape of my youth, was spread on a table for viewers to play with it and put the pieces together. The work not only engaged in a dialog with the viewer but also with a personal momento mori, Fragments of Time  (1997), a wooden box covered with cement and lighten by dim red light. This work encloses my old teddy bear, pieces of the puzzle ‘Mother and Daughter’ and a black and white picture of me with my two years old daughter Tair. Two other works, A Blink of an Eye (1995) and The Gaze (1996) also relate to sterilised and fading memories.

The Nurturing Vessel (1997),  a cement “sand” box filled with infant kosher powder milk relating to the commercialisation of motherhood as a substitute for mother milk, the Forbidden Forest (1992) JNF memorial stone, the Five rectified Blue Boxes (1997) and Holy Land for Sale (1996) were all works which referred to a more public aspect of Motherland.


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Ariane Littman