This site gives an insight into a creative process since the 90’s. It is built as an archive presenting  visuals, texts, and videos. It includes the broader context of solo or group exhibitions together with scanned catalogs, academic articles and critics.  The site is divided into 7 overlapping categories revolving around the word: Land (אדמה/ארץ) with the complementary and more specific additions of the words Holy / Mother / White / Border / Wounded/ Map and Jerusalem. The viewing of the works can also take place using the chronological axe of timeline, the index or the different mediums.

The need to merge the aesthetic with the politic and to connect myself to a specific reality of ‘time and place’ was a slow process which started during my undergraduate studies in the 90’s. Working with the concept of ‘earth’ (אדמה) involved confronting the dialectic of ‘the holy’ land (הארץ)   though the commodification of holy land artifacts or through the more gendered womb/tomb motherland. A family memorial forest discovered in 1992 which had turned into a military censored area confronted me with personal and national myths, leading to various collaboration with the JNF (1992-1997) and to White Land, one of the earlier cartographic work involving ready-made aerial censored photographs. That same ‘here and now concern’ in the midst of the Second Intifada (2000), led to the Border Land series of  works related to my encounters with checkpoints and borders as I became a freelance news photographer to better comprehend the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Following the Second Lebanon War (2006) and the Gaza War in 2008, I gave up this direct encounter using gauze to perform metaphorical healings of maps of Jerusalem and of ‘wounds’ in the landscape. In Wounded Land, the deconstruction of power embodied in the maps and their reconstruction brings forth a different cartography of imaginary maps while sewing revives the silent protest of mythical feminine characters weaving alternative fates.


Ariane Littman