Mapping the Wound: Performances in the Landscape 2010-2022, 2022

A cartographic art process.
During the Second Intifada as the violence of the conflict became a daily reality, I worked at first in the studio with various maps trying to make sense of a situation that was beyond my control.
Following the suicide bomb attack in March 2002 at café Moment in the center of Jerusalem, which belonged to my brother in law, I took a bolder step and started to walk the changing borderlines around Jerusalem, documenting the erection of checkpoints and barrier walls, first as a civilian and then as a press photographer which allowed me more freedom of movement (see the works in the section Border Land).
In 2009, after my daughter was wounded, the bandages first used in 2004 in a “surgical” performance on closure maps, became now intimately related to the physical wounds on her body.
That same year I started to use gauzes bandages provided by a medical supplier in my cartographic artworks and in performances in the landscape.
The added symbolic value of sterile gauze bandages to heal wounds wasn’t anymore just part of my personal history but it was used in a performative act of dressing topographical, ecological, historical wounds within the landscapes.
Over the years these performances have eventually created an alternative site-specific cartography of healing that also gave birth to a new cinematographic creation.
Ariane Littman