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The Green Thread 2012, 2012


The video ‘Green Thread’ (2012) is related to a performance I did in November 2011  in the Old City of Jerusalem. Dressed in white, with a skirt made from fragments of maps and bandages, I sat and sewed a map beside the Damascus Gate, the Wailing Wall and the Holy Sepulcher.  The map is made of fragments of  ‘West Bank Closures – Jerusalem’ Maps, showing the Green Line, Israeli settlements and Palestinian villages, checkpoints and walls, barriers (planned and built) and road networks.

In the video the working process in the studio is intertwined with the outdoor performance and so are the rich sounds of the city and the melodies of vocal artist Victoria Hanna that accompany my meditative act in the midst of the comings and goings taking place at the various sites. In the video the green thread weave the religious quarters of the city together, healing the invisible wounds running through the city landscape and the collective psyche.


Video: 5:24′
Directed, produced and performed by Ariane Littman
Edited by Tamar Gan-Zvi
Yair Tsriker, Michal Shachnai and Omri Lior
Original music and soundtrack designer:
Marcello Pilewski
Vocal artist and original melodies:
Victoria Hanna

Ariane Littman