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Marks 1995, 1995

These ready-made of beehives were first showed at the Artists’ House in Jerusalem in the show: Virgin of Israel and Her Daughters curated by Nella Cassouto in 1995. A number of them were hanged in a row with yellow bulbs (reminding honey) and with visible black electric wires  above each lid. It was a time when dim light, wether red or yellow, was part of my installations. To me these ready-made lids were simply beautiful abstract landscapes paintings created by the bees with delicate change of colors and interesting shapes of wax fragments and they related to the world of the bees which I had researched whilst I was working of the beehive installation of “Virgin of Israel and Her Daughters” and on the series of Honey Jars “None of your Sting, None of your Honey,” a work in collaboration with 4 kibbutzim in the Upper Galilee producing honey.

Ariane Littman