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The Olive Pickers, 2007

In 2002 I created five small red lightened ‘Camera Obscura’ with the lids from the olive barrels of the kibbutz Beit Hashita. The viewer peeping through a hole in the lid could see Palestinians villages behind barbed wires later reinforced by concrete during the erection of the Separation Wall around the city of Jerusalem as a result of the numerous terror attacks. Five years later, in December 2007, I decided to switch these pictures with those I took in September 2006 in Deir El Ghusun, a village situated in the West Bank not far Tulkarm. The images showed a Palestinian family harvesting olive trees not far from the fence.

The combination of barrel lids from the Kibbutz Beit Hashita together with pictures of Palestinian farmers from Deir El Ghusun harvesting their olives was a way to merge within an artwork two separate worlds.

Ariane Littman