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Incantation Bowl קערות השבע 2023, 2023

A month and a half after October 7th I went back to my studio in Jerusalem, yet the only thing I managed do beside listening to the breaking news on the radio was to write in sanguine red ink the date of 7.10. 23 on an enamel bowl I had acquired for a previous work in February 2023. This number written in spiral on the outside and the inside of the bowls became a kind of personal incantation bowl, a counter curse of that horrific day. I left gauze soaked in sanguine color to drip a whole night inside one of bowl.

I inscribed the same date on the inside and outside of a second smaller bowl that I placed on the bandages inside the refugee-suitcase I had brought back from Berlin after the show at the Lützowplatz Haus. This smaller incantation bowl in the refugee suitcase related to the plight of the displaced population from the South and the North as a result of the war following the attack by Hamas against Israel on the 7th of October 2023. It was only later on that I saw ancient Babylonian devil-trap bowls at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem and better grasped my intuitive work following October 7th.

Ariane Littman