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Shredded Land, 2010

This series is made from ‘Closure Maps of Jerusalem and the West Bank’, maps used since 2004 and which came to symbolize the complex reality of Jerusalem’s disputed boundaries.

Facing the political reality with a sense of helplessness, I could in contrast shred and mold new maps according to rules conceived during the working process. The resulting shredded maps series with their ludic Dadaist logic offered new fictional, at time gloomy, realities. On some of the maps barrier walls disappear, settlements proliferate or are brought back behind the Green Line. On other maps, symbols of the concrete political geography fade away together with the slow disintegration of borders, lines, checkpoints, settlements and villages.


Shredded Land Series

12 Papier Maché  maps

55 x 64 cm

video: Shredded Land (4’07 min)

Extract from: Border Land, Alternative Ways of Mapping Jerusalem (2012)

Director, script and editor: Michal Shachnai,

Cinematography at the Bezalel Academy’s paper worshop: Yair Tsriker

Original Music:

Amir Yaakobi, Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa, Yoham Project

Sound design: Amir Yaakobi


Ariane Littman