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Confined Memories 2020, 2020

Exhibited during an online group show, Heara13, curated by Salamanca on April 4th 2020, Confined Memories performed at home is a virtual Proustian travel in times of confinement.

The tent set up in the living-room offered a protected womb-like space to retreat and travel back in time whilst reading and recording postcards received as a child from my parents during their journeys to distant countries in the late 60’s.

As a result of the Covid-19 worldwide lockdown many basic individual liberties were curbed, radically altering notions of space and time. The postcards, an anachronistic mean of communication in our digitalized world, stands as a metaphor for these peculiar times of physical and social distancing from family members enhanced by geographical distances and closed borders.

During the performance, traveling back in time to exotic countries, I roll up anew entangled gauzes in a vain and Dadaist attempt to soothe the mental wounds of the current pandemic striking the world.

The performance was filmed during 15 min. on Facebook Live by my daughter Kalia in home confinement together with me.


Ariane Littman