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Confined Memories, 2020

Created in the framework of Heara 13, an online group show curated by Salamanca, this performance took place in confinement on April 4th 2020 as an existential response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.


For this performance I set up a tent in my living room. Usually tents are set up outdoor as a protective shelter to spend the night. In this case, under Coronavirus lockdown, the tent offered an enhanced protected womb-like space, where I chose to retreat, read and record postcards I received as a child in the late 60’s and early 70’s from my parents traveling to distant countries. The postcards are in french, my mother tongue. This work is also about motherhood, both as daughter and mother, during this time of forced confinement and lockdown in separate countries and cities.

Apart from basic curbed individual liberties, notions of space and time dramatically changed during the Pandemic. Such family postcards representing today an obsolete mean of communication in our digitalized world suddenly regained some relevance during the global lockdown. With geographical distances expanding and painful separation from family members, the postcards address Proustian issues of memory, time and space.

The performance:

During the performance I roll up bandages, whilst listening to the recording of postcards, healing loneliness and sorrow.

Filmed by Kalia Gisele Littman Cohen on Facebook live  for 15min during the on-line group show of Heara 13, on April 4 2020.

The Video

The future 4 minute video of the performance will include sequences of recently digitalized archival 8mm films of the travels described in the postcards.


Ariane Littman