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The Blue Box (1997-2002), 2002

Introduced by Yona Kremenetzky, the Jewish National Fund’s first chairman in the first decade (1901-1910), the ‘Blue Box’ was used to rally Jewish masses throughout the world around the goal of redeeming the land of Israel.

In 1997 I used for the first time a ‘Blue Box’ while I worked on the re-location of the memorial stone of the ‘Forbidden Forest’.

The map and the flag on both sides of the box were covered with red wax and the original hole to hang the box became part of the word Holy Land. I also sealed the slit on the box with red wax to enhance the fact that the box was no longer functional and that it could not be used as a moneybox anymore.The boxes were then wrapped with linen strings.

This was my first ‘erased map’ and a very intuitive work which was triggered by the general deep feeling of distress after Prime Minister Rabin’s assassination.

Later in 2002, for an exhibition at The JCCs Gershman Y Gallery in Philadelphia, I created a new edition of 110 ‘Blue Boxes.’ The word ‘Holy Land’ was added on the back of the boxes, using the original hole as part of the word Holy.

Juxtaposed with the work ‘Holy Land for Sale’ and with the photographical installation of ‘White Land,’ my blue Boxes  were the link between the buying  ‘Holy Land’ by my family in 1967, and the ‘Forbidden Forest,’ the ‘erased’ forest of  ‘White Land.’

Ariane Littman