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Wounded Land 2020-2021, 2021

This large map of the country is composed of 3 maps.

The first map is based on The Freytag and Berndt’s Holy Land «Road Map of Israel-Palestine 1:150 000» published in 2016 (https://eu.freytagberndt.cz/israel-palestine-1-150-000-road-map/). The map is dressed with layers of gauzes bandages dipped in industrial plaster and its international borders are stitched with green thread while the disputed area of Judea-Samaria/ The West Bank is sutured in a surgical way. Surgical knots secure the “embryo” to the mother map, its definite legal and political status pending its eventual birth.

The second map refers to the Corona “Traffic Light Map” of the National Emergency Portal showing the colors of daily morbidity of COVID-19 in cities, towns and villages during the pandemic (https://www.oref.org.il/12409-17309-en/Pakar.aspx) . The colors alternated from red to orange and yellow eventually reaching the highly craved green color of de-confinement and with it, health and economic recovery. The numerous overlapping layers of plastered gauzes covering the shifting colors over time attests to a geology of morbidity.

The black, pink and blue threads of the third map (https://hafgana.live/) refers to the colors of the flags held by protesters gathering on bridges, at highway junctions and in city squares all over the country. This tricolor map represents the thousands of citizens across the political spectrum who protested since March 2020 against PM Netanyahu over his corruption trial as well as against the economic hardship of the repeated confinements. On 23 March 2021, a year after the third legislative elections, the fourth legislative elections results showed a renewed political stalemate.

April 2021


Wounded Map 2020-2021

Maps, fabric, gauze bandages, plaster, ink, thread

340 x 170 cm


Ariane Littman