Artist Collaborations


Sea of Death , Irit Amar

Performed at the Dead Sea in collaboration with Irit Amar

The performance: Sea of Death (Yām ha-Māvet)  is the first of a series of performances that symbolises the wound that runs within the human body and through the landscape. Here in 'Sea of Death' the bandaged body suggests both the slow death of the Dead Sea and human finitude. During the performance Irit Amar wrapped up my body with sterile bandages until I was gradually immobilised and eventually disconnected from my environment. Mummified and prisoner of this 'cocoon' I was then carried into the Dead Sea. Before parting from me Irit released the bandages that kept my two hands tied together, leaving me to drift away, diving within my thoughts into the Sea of Death.



Smoking Utopia #2 , Reuven Zahavi

Smoking Utopia #2 is a collaborative project undertaken together with my colleague Reuven Zahavi. It is part of an ongoing project started in 2006 called Night and Smoke,  a project triggered by  the violence near the Gaza border after the attack on June 25th 2006 by  the Hamas at the Kerem Shalom crossing during which Cpl. Gilad Shalit was abducted and which was followed by  an IDF operation codename 'Operation Summer Rain.' Underlining our work is a concern to infuse artistic autonomy to items utterly immersed in actuality, challenging the usual disinterestedness of aesthetic language regarding the 'here and now' through the use of  photography, 3D animation videos and manipulated interactive texts, while breaking up the customary visual and textual meaning of political events channeled through the medias.


Dead End , Reuven Zahavi

The video Dead End (2006-2008) is a collaborative work with artist Reuven Zahavi where he gave motion to the stills I shot while covering the events following the adduction of Gilad Shalit by the Hamas in June 2006. This work is one of our multimedia works around the theme of 'Night and Smoke' which we create between the years 2006-2008.


Washing , Reuven Zahavi

Washing  uses IDF spokesperson updates in an attempt to brake with the manipulative regime of texts. The text is composed by fragments of updates published on the IDF site and gathered during a few days in March 2008. The work was exhibited in Nocturnal Stillness and Smoking Utopia.


Kissufim Labyrinth , Reuven Zahavi

Video: 5'48 min

3D animation, sound and video editing by Reuven Zahavi

Kissufim Labyrinth is part of a multi-media project around the theme of Night and Smoke triggered by an on-going dialog with my colleague Reuven Zahavi over the general political situation during Operation Summer Rain in Gaza and the Second Lebanon War.


Summer Rain , Reuven Zahavi

Summer Rain is part of an ongoing project started in 2006 tackling the blurring of the senses and consequently the distortion of reality. Underlining our work is a concern to infuse artistic autonomy to items utterly immersed in actuality, challenging, through the use of photography, 3D animation videos and manipulated interactive texts, the usual disinterestedness of aesthetic language regarding the 'here and now' while breaking up the customary visual and textual meaning of political events channeled through the medias.


Nocturnal Stillness , Reuven Zahavi



Smoking Utopia , Reuven Zahavi

In this site specific collaborative installation with Reuven Zahavi which took place in an ancient Jerusalem Print Workshop, objects in the space are concealed by dim red light and by the actual smoke expelled from a smoke machine. Virtual smoke appears in  the video and sound animation of Reuven Zahavi’s work Just Smoke and in Just Words.


Just Smoke , Reuven Zahavi

Video: 3'19 min Sound, animation and video by Reuven Zahavi This animation work was first exhibited as part of the site specific video installation at the Jerusalem Print Workshop during the multi-site interdisciplinary Art Event, Heara 11 - The Last Comment,which took place in October 2007. There the virtual smoke of 'Just Smoke' was enhanced by the actual smoke expelled by a smoke machine within the space. The work relates the IDF military operation 'Summer Rain' which started after the attack on the Kerem Shalom crossing by the Hamas. The operation included artillery fire at open areas in the southern Gaza Strip, aerial attacks on bridges in central Gaza and the entry of infantry, engineering and armoured forces in the southern and northern Gaza Strip. Qassam missiles being fired in retaliation into Southern Israel.  



Donald Duck’s Dream , Reuven Zahavi

Donald Duck’s Dream (2005-2006) is the outcome of a joint dialog with my colleague Reuven Zahavi on the manipulative regime of images and an attempt to infuse artistic autonomy unto extremely saturated images and texts. It is a multimedia and interactive project specifically related to series of images which I shot during the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Our conceptual discourse regarding the emotional and psychological manipulation of the Disengagement’s images and their circulation in the local and international press, initiated a mutual aspiration to look for alternative ways to present and to distribute such overloaded images. Underlining our whole project was the recurring concern of an uncertain endeavor: that of infusing artistic autonomy onto items so utterly immersed into actuality. The painstaking and scrupulous creation of programs specifically related to series of images taken during the Disengagement allowed the re-manipulation of images and texts, to which Kiki Keren Huss added a further dimension with her sound track created from radio and TV communications obsessively collected and recorded over that period of time.


Convergence , Hannan Abu Hussein

The work Convergence was created in collaboration with my colleague and friend Hannan Abu Hussein. Invited by the Bereaved Families Forum  for Peace, we were given each a ceramic bowl. Having worked together on several projects we decided to put our bowls together. Inside this 'vessel' we poured olive pits. The bowls were then bounded with cement. Like the cement that binds our work together, Convergence was the symbol of our strong mutual friendship and artistic collaboration.


Erasure , Hannan Abu Hussein & Maya Yogel

Performed during seven hours at the Science Museum in Jerusalem with Hannan Abu Hussein and Maya Yogel, Erasure relates to the erasure of both territory and memory. A map of Jerusalem with the name of the village Esh Sheikh Badr was screened on the floor. Compiled, drawn and printed by the Survey of Palestine in 1947,  the name  Esh Sheikh Badr disappeared from the map of 1955 and instead Ramat Hakirya appeared on this revised map by the Survey of Israel. Paradoxically, this act of erasing repeated during 7 hours became an existential act of exhuming forgotten names, forgotten memories, forgotten pains and reenacting basic forgotten feminine gestures.




Surgical Operation , Irit Amar

Installation and Performance with Irit Amar Surgical Operation was exhibited at 'Heara 8, Comments on Hospitals & Schools,' a contemporary art event taking place in November 2004 at the International Anglican School which beautiful building had since 1862 intermittently hosted on its premises missions, hospitals and schools. During the performance that lasted for seven hours, maps of Jerusalem were brought on stretcher to the operation table where they were dissected and then sewn and mended amidst recurring breaking news. The absurdity of the whole action conveyed in a metaphorical way the chronic condition of the city of Jerusalem, a sick ‘patient’ suffering from an incurable pathologic violence.



The Mobile Wall , Hannan Abu Hussein

In September 2003 I went with Hannan Abu Hussein, a friend and colleague to Abu Dis an Eastern suburb of Jerusalem which was then divided by temporary cement walls before the erection of the much higher 8 meter 'Separation Wall.' For the contemporary art event of Heara 6 – On the borders of the Comment – taking place at the David Tower Museum, we decided together to create an exact replica of two of these concrete walls adding graffiti we had seen.  



None of Your Sting, None of Your Honey , Jordan Honey

In 1994, for the first time I asked the company Jordan Honey which comprised four kibbutzim from the Upper Galilee to allow me to introduce a new text in their label quoting from Deuteronomy, thus creating a link between the present marketing of honey and the mythical 'land of olive oil and honey.' I also added the logo of the contemporary art event, Tel Hai 94, and I signed and numbered 1000 honey jars. For that same art event, I also asked the Kibbutz Ayelet Hasharar to give me beehives which I exhibited under a army tent, the work was called: Virgin of Israel and Her Daughters. In 1996, I acquired the permission from a major government-owned company Arim (in Hebrew: cities) to print its logo on a special edition of 200 earth bags that I signed and numbered.

Ariane Littman