Jerusalem 1998, 01

Jerusalem, the eternal city where the holy and the profane coexist in most extraordinary ways is an endless puzzle to the attentive stroller. I referred to Jerusalem in my work as early as 1993, inside the secret drawer of ‘Jeu de Dames.’
Jerusalem is a city lost in its beauty and its via dolorosa at once.
Over the years I have found in it endless sources of inspiration, painful at times. Sewing with my green thread, I look for a way out of the labyrinth where the beast rests, ready to burst out at anytime. It is this uncertainty that grants its mystery. Jerusalem will never completely be tamed by any power.

Taking part in the independent art events Heara # 6, 8, 10, 11, 12 all curated by Sala-Manca allowed me to make my first performances and most significant works in terms of my Border Land and Wounded Land in-situ art works related to the political context of the time and to the historical buildings where they took place such as: The Citadel of David (2003), The International Anglican School (2004), Sergey Courtyard (2005), The Science Museum (2006), The Jerusalem Print workshop (2007) and The Hansen House (2012).

Ariane Littman