Ariane Littman

This site gives an insight into a creative process since the 90’s. It is built as an archive presenting  visuals, texts, and videos. It includes the broader context of solo or ...

News and Events

Aug 2018

Glorious Valley, changes in the Jezreel Valley

Beit Hankin, Kfar Yeshoshua Curators: Ayelet Hertswolf and Orna Atkin Raviv, producer: Neta Haber

Aug 2018

Shop It!

The Haifa Art Museum, Sacred Goods, curator: Shaked Shamir    

Jan 2018

The Map

The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv (Opening: March) Curator: Batia Donner

Latest Projects

Aug 2018

After The Watchman

Aug 2017

Twins Embryos 2017

May 2017

The MapLand Project (since 2001)

Oct 2015

Healing or the Symbolic Space of Wounded Land