Ariane Littman

This site gives an insight into a creative process since the 90’s. It is built as an archive presenting  visuals, texts, and videos. It includes the broader context of solo or ...

News and Events

Jan 2020

Soon: Bodyscape

Israel Museum Curator: Adina Kamien

Nov 2019

Women Make History, Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism

Haifa Museum of Art, Curator Svetlana Reingold

Mar 2019

בלדה לחובשת: צילומי הפצע של אריאן ליטמן


Latest Projects

Mar 2019

Embryo 2019

Oct 2018

Masada – HerStory: The performance

Aug 2018

After The Watchman

Nov 2017

Twins Embryos 2017-2018


Ariane Littman