Night 046

Kissufim Labyrinth 2007, 2007


Ariane Littman and Reuven Zahavi.

3D animation, sound and video editing: Reuven  Zahavi

The “Kissufim Maze” shows circular motion, repeating itself, and creates a feeling of stress. Reuven  Zahavi’s digital work is based on the series of photographs by Ariane Littman, which shows the process of collecting concrete barriers near Kissufim during the removal of the settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005.  The attempt to repeatedly overcome the obstacles in a loop emphasizes the longing for a solution which is not possible, and the absurd.  The work creates a profound existential statement which seems to recall Camus’ Le mythe de Sisyphe.  The movement between the hunks of concrete, emphasizes the labyrinth; the movement is purposeless, it repeats itself, and in this way creates an analogy to the dead-end political situation in which we find ourselves.

Extract from:  Dana Arieli-Horowitz  At night, as the shells come out

Ariane Littman