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Camera Obscura, 2003

In 2003 I created five ‘camera obscura’ using  lids of black plastic olive barrels. At the time I was photographing the beginning of the construction around Jerusalem of the security wall. Viewers peeping through a hole inside the lids could see Palestinians villages behind barbed wires lightened in a dim red light. The lids of the olive barrels from the kibbutz of Beit Hashita, previously used in ‘Correspondence’ to view olive landscapes, now framed the sharp reality of the conflict brought about by the Second Intifada. Five years later, in December 2007, I replaced the pictures with those of a Palestinian family harvesting olive trees not far from the fence in a village called Deir El Gusun situated not far Tulkarm, in the West Bank.

The combination of these pictures and the barrel lids from the Israeli Kibbutz was a way to merge in an artwork two separate worlds.

Ariane Littman