The Muse 010

The Muse 2021 (film extract), 2021

The Muse from the Wounded Land Series
For over a decade I have used sterile gauzes in The Wounded Land’s performances, healing national, historical and personal wounds.
Wounds inscribed in the memory of the landscape, the city, the map and the body.
Such healing acts always took place in a meaningful location, either for its past history or its present story.
“The Muse” takes place in Metzuke Dragot, a mountainous plateau along the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea. Geographically, it has a striking ‘wounded’ morphology as it looms over the spectacular cliffs of Wadi Murabbart.
Historically, Jewish fighters from Judea led by Simon Bar Kochba took refuge there, in hidden caves, during the last Jewish Revolt against the Roman Empire circa 132-136 CE.
On a personal level, it was in Ein Guedi, a few kilometers away that my daughter Kalia was wounded as a young girl of 9 during a Scouts’ field trip in 2009. For a year her wounds were bandaged with sterile gauzes. A material that I have been using since then in my healing performances.
In the present work, we return together in September 2020 to this primeval landscape bearing many hidden wounds, as mother and daughter, as healer and muse.

A film by Ariane Littman

Script: Ariane Littman & Ora Maimon Pilewski

Editing: Ora Maimon Pilewski

Original music and sound design: Marcello Pilewski

Aerial Photographer: Shabtai Tal

Cinematographer: Ruslan Paul

Still photographer: Avgar Idan

Costume designer: Lera Lemberg

Assistant: Sahar Haba

Make-up: Idit Ayala Alajem

Colorist: Yair Nahshon

Post production Studio: Opus Digital Lab TLV

Produced by Studio 11

Filmed at Metsuke Dragot, Judean Desert, Israel

© Ariane Littman 2021













Ariane Littman