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א(י)מניות, אימהות מביאות אמנות לעולם

By הדרה שפלן-קצב

הוצאת גמא, 2020 , Nov 2020

https://www.gamaisrael.com/product-page/%D7%90%D7%99%D7%9E%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%90%D7%99%D7%9E%D7%94%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%9E%D7%91%D7%99%D7%90%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%90%D7%9E%D7%A0%D7%95%D7%AA-%D7%9C%D7%A2%D7%95%D7%9C%D7%9D-%D7%93-%D7%A8-%D7%94%D7%93%D7%A8%D7%94-%D7%A9%D7%A4%D7%9C%D7%9F-%D7%A7%D7%A6%D7%91 ‭


Cartografie (in)esasuste

By Laura Lo Presti

FrancoAngeli, s.r.l. 2019 , Jan 2020

Cartografie (in)esasuste: rappresentazioni, visualità, estetiche nella teoria critica della cartografica contemporanea, published by FrancoAngeli, s.r.l. 2019, pp. 204-206




Sacred Goods/סחורה מקודשת

By Shaked Shamir

Catalog: Shop It! Haifa Museum of Art , Jul 2019



׳׳מדיקליזציהג׳׳-תערוכה חדשה על חברה, רפואה,עיצוב וכוח

doctorsonly.co.il , Jul 2019


Survival and Resistance

By Mendes-Flohr Rita & Tannhauser Nomi

Online catalog: Her Dress, Her Symbol, Antea revisited , Jun 2019

The 100 mostly female and a dozen male artists we invited to participate in Her Dress, Her Symbol – Antea Revisited were asked for works on the subject of ‘dress’. We enabled them to interpret this item of clothing according to their own understanding, with the only direction, be it implicit, provided by the context of this exhibit – marking 25 years since the founding of the Antea Gallery for feminist art in Jerusalem.


בלדה לחובשת: צילומי הפצע של אריאן ליטמן

By רעות ברנע

כלכליסט 24.03.19 , Mar 2019

האמנית, צלמת חדשות בעברה, עוסקת בפצעים ותחבושות מאז שנחשפה לזוועות האינתיפאדה: "פעולת החבישה מרפאת, אך עלולה גם לעוור"


בלדה לחובשת

By רעות ברנע

כלכליסט , Mar 2019



By איתמר זהר

הארץ, תערוכות , Mar 2019


האישי והפוליטי באמנות בישראלי. אמניות יוצרות באיזורי סכסוך מתמשך

By דרה שפלן קצב

מגדר-כתב עת אקדמי רב תחומי למגדר ופמיניזם, גיליון 5, דצמבר 2018, עמ׳ 1-24 , Feb 2019

הנושא שבו אתמקד מתייחס להקשר המקומי של חיי נשים ישראליות שהן אימהות והטענה המרכזית שתובא במאמר היא שישנו קשר הדוק בין חיים באזור סכסוך מתמשך לבין יצירה .אמנותית של אימהות בישראל האמניות שידונו במאמר הן אריאן ליטמן, אורה ראובן, תמר ניסים, חוה ראוכר ויהודית מצקל ז"ל.




Extroverting Cartography.“Seensing” maps and data through art

By Laura Lo Presti

Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography (J-READING), 2, 7, Dec., 2018, pp. 119-134 , Dec 2018

Drawing attention to the “extroversion” of geographic language, in this paper I explore the proliferation of mapping and its spatial fragments outside geography and, specifically, in the fabric of contemporary art. Inspired by the engagement, particularly of women artists, with cartography, I discuss the artistic exploration of mapping through various interpretative categories such as “spatial (de)generation”, “temporal proximity”, “ecologism”and “dataism/datactivism”. In conclusion, I consider the pros and cons that an aesthetic encounter with mapping gives to geography and to its creative transformation. (Regarding Surgical Operation see pp. 124-125)


Manofim- Art Cube Artists’ Studios

Nov 2018


עמק תפארת

By אילת הרצוולף ואורנה אתקין רביב

בית חנקיו בכר יהושוע , Nov 2018


עמק תפארת

By איתן בוגנים

הארץ, תערוכות , Sep 2018


Art and Cartography

By Ribeiro D. and Caquard S., John P. Wilson (ed).

Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, (1st Quarter 2018 Edition) , Aug 2018

The intersections between art and cartography go far beyond the notions of design and illustration, since mapmaking invariably has multiple cultural, social, and political dimensions. Considering this broader perspective, this entry provides a review of these different contemporary intersections, by exploring three main types of relationships: (1) cartography influenced by artistic practices; (2) map art or maps embedded in artistic practices; and (3) cartography at the interface between art and places. These will be discussed in detail following a brief overview of the main historical markers from which these types of relationships between art and cartography have emerged.


למכירה: זהות, אל תקנו את זה

By מיכל רוזן

דבר , Aug 2018


מחאה מקורית: חובשים את אלכסנדר זייד

By ישראל מושקוביץ

ידיעות אחרונות, 24 שעות , Jul 2018


The Map, Reading Between the Lines

By Batia Donner

Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv , Apr 2018


The Map, Reading Between the Lines

By Batia Donner

MUSA Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv, 2017 (Hebrew, English, Arabic) , Mar 2018


המפה, לקרוא בין הקווים

By בתיה דונר

מוזיאון ארץ-ישראל, תל אביב , Mar 2018


שורשים באמנות חזותית

By משרד החינוך

שיתוף פעולה בין הפיקוח על האמנות החזותית במשרד החינוך ובין בית התפוצות, מוזיאון העם היהודי , Jan 2018

בערכה תמצאו מגוון דימויים חזותיים, הסברים והצעות לפעילות החומרים לקוחים מתוך אוסף בית התפוצות ומתוך יצירות אמנות ישראלית עכשווית, והם מוצעים כעזר להוראה בכיתה וכחומרי למידה הנלווים לפעילות "שורשים" בכיתות ז' עמ׳ 32



On Sympathetic Grounds: Race, Gender and Affective Geographies in Nineteenth-Century North America

By Naomi Greyser, Associate Prof., Department of Rhetoric and English at the University of Iowa

Oxford University Press , Nov 2017



AntiAtlas of Borders

By Anne-Laure Amilhal Szary

Interview in AntiAtlas of Borders , Nov 2017


LandEscape Meets Ariane Littman

By Curators, Katherine Williams and Josh Ryder

LandEscape Contemporary Art Review, Special Issue, 2016 , Mar 2017

LandEscape aims at presenting innovative and cutting-edge artworks in contemporary scenario and seeks to support creation art which focus more particularly on the theme of landscape in all the accepted meaning of the word and the recognition of the fundamental role which the landscapes of any kind have in the composition of an artwork. https://issuu.com/landescapeartpress/docs/landescapeartreview_-_special_issue/180


LandEscape meets Ariane Littman

By Katherine Williams & Josh Ryder (Curators)

in LandEscape Contemporary Art Review, Anniversary Edition, 2017, p.180-213 , Jan 2017




Arbor ardor, Tales of Controversy amid sylvan splendor

By Lawrence Weschler

Artenol, Fall 2015, p. 9-15 , Nov 2015



Visions of Place, Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art

By Dr. Martin Rosenberg and J.Susan Isaacs

Rutgers University - Camden and Towson University , Oct 2015

Chapter 7: Interventions: From Destruction to Healing J. Susan Isaacs p. 34-39, 78-79



Blouin Gallery Guide, The Monthly Guide to Leading Galleries and Museums, October 2015 , Oct 2015

"Ariane Littman: Healing", The Delaware Center for The Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, October 2015, p.74-75


“The Way of the Keffiyeh…”

Palestine Square-Art Square , Oct 2015



By Filler, Sara (ed.)

Broadband, A place for photography , Jul 2015

"White Land" (2001) published in: Filler, Sara (ed.), Broadband, A place for photography, vol.7, blog published by the Department of Photographic Communications at Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, July 29 2015, p. 64-75 and back cover, (Hebrew)


Alternative Ways of Mapping the Wound or Symbolic Borderities

By Ariane Littman

in: Amilhat-Szary, Anne-Laure and Giraut, Frédéric (eds.): Borderities and the Politics of Contemporary Mobile Borders, PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, 2015: 259-268 , Jul 2015





Re-Representation – Critical Art and the Return of the Repressed

By Dr. Hadara Scheflan-Katzav, Hakibbuzim College of Education, Tel Aviv

Oct 2014

Published in: Markowska, Anna (ed.), Politics of the Erasure from the “damnatio memoriae” to alluring void, Conferences and Studies of the Polish Institutes of World Art Studies, Vol. XIII, Polish Institutes of World Art Studies & Tako Publishing House, Warsaw-Torun, 2014: 91-96, http://www.tako.biz.pl/Politics.htm


No Man’s land at the Jerusalem Artists’ House

By Angela Levine

Midnight East Blog, 23.6.2014 , Jun 2014


No Man’s Land

By Marie Shek

Jerusalem Artist's House, 2014 , Jun 2014


* Heara

By Editors: Ronen Eidelman, Sala-Manca

Hearat Shulaym and the Undergroung Academy, Jerusalem , Jun 2014

Independent Art in Jerusalem at the Beginning of the 21st Century, Jerusalem June 2014 A 350 pages catalog documenting the activities of The Heara (comments) project during the years 2002-2007, which included 11 site-specific events all around the city, orchestrated by Lea Mauas and Diego Rotman of the Sala-Manca art group involving some 400 artists. Numerous articles from the Hearat Shulaym publications have been included and much more...


Encounters at the Edge of the Forest

By Rhoda Rosen

School of Art & Art History , University of Illinois at Chicago and Gallery 400 , May 2014

In this scanned publication figures only the text: "Encounters at the Edge of the Forest" by Rhoda Rosen Other articles: "Sight Unseen: Lynching Photographs as Tools for Justice" by Rachel Shrock and "One Nation Under God" ...depending on Who You Ask" by Leonard Cicero figure in the catalog as well


Even Trees Can Be Political

By Menachem Wecker

The Jewish Daily FORWARD, Published May 17, 2014, issue of May 23, 2014 , May 2014

“Encounters at the Edge of the Forest,” on view at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Gallery 400 until June 14, explores trees as political entities, which are “standard-bearers of nationalism” and are “burdened with soldiering on behalf of the nation state.” Read more:



By Jean-Robert Chauvin

abcdetc.mondoblog.org , Apr 2014


למצוא את הצפוּן

By שמעון לב

גלריה P8 , Mar 2014


Revealing the Concealed

By Dr. Fiammetta Martegani

P8 Art Gallery, Tel Aviv , Mar 2014

"...Where is the border between true and false, reality and fiction, representation and imagination in the matter of “mapping”? ....This relationship can be discussed in terms of landscapes and representation, geography and the production of art, and the role of art in remaking places. ..."



L’ artiste passe-muraille

By Professor Anne-Laure Amilhat-Szary

EspacesTemps.net, Works , Nov 2013

Based on the analysis of contemporary art works produced around the wall built by the Israelis around the West Bank, this paper addresses the issues of border crossing and of the norms that one needs to confront in order to pass the line...The examples developed here contribute, on one hand, to the debates on the performative power of border devices, and on the other, to the elaboration of the analysis of what is at stake in the relationship between in situ art works and movement.


Precarious Symbolism: When the Political Sphere Overshadows Art History

By Maymanah Farhat

Art Journal Vol. 72, No. 1 (Spring 2013): 95 , Apr 2013

Brodsky and Olin’s curatorial essay, “Unavailable Intersections,” reveals the original premise of the Fertile Crescent exhibition, which was to be centered on women artists who reflect the familiar themes of feminist art, namely the exploration of gender and sexuality, or rather how gender and sexuality are fashioned as social constructs, depending on context....


The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art, and Society

By Doris Friedensohn

The Ethical Culture Society of Bergen Country , Feb 2013

A wise, compelling, and beautifully produced volume,The Fertile Crescent: Gender, Art and Society highlights women artists’ perspectives on their homelands and cultures. ... Maps of altered reality: Israeli Ariane Littman has been a news photographer, performance artist, and creative map-maker. “The Wounded Land Project” (2004 -12) is a virtuoso effort of cultural and psychological repair...



Ariane Littman: In Signs

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society , Nov 2012

Artist Statement in 'Visibility and Visuality Artists'


What is the meaning of borders?

By Professor Joanna Regulska

Oct 2012

Joanna Regulska is Professor of Women’s and Genders Studies, and Geography Vice President for International and Global Affairs, Rutgers University


Motherhood and nation: The voice of women artists in Israel’s bereavement and memorial discourse

By Yael Guilat

Journal of Israeli History: Politics, Society, Culture, volume 31, No. 2, September 2012, pp.283-318 , Sep 2012


Motherhood and nation: The voice of women artists in Israel’s bereavement and memorial discourse

By Guilat Yael

in Journal of Israeli History: Politics, Society, Culture, volume 31, No. 2, September 2012, pp.283-318 , Sep 2012


Fertile Crescent, Gender, Art and Society

By Judith K. Brodsky & Ferris Olin

The Fertile Crescent, Gender, Art and Society , Aug 2012



Mahsom Watch: Hizma

By Tamar Fleishman (reporting)

http://www.machsomwatch.org/ , Jul 2011


Checkpoint Hizme

http://www.machsomwatch.org/flickr , Jul 2011


מחסום חיזמה

By (תמר פלישמן (מדווחת

http://www.machsomwatch.org/reports/checkpoints/10/07/2011/afternoon/18375#sthash.t9hFVzer.dpuf , Jul 2011


The A5 Magazine, Jerusalem Issue

The A5 Magazine , Jun 2011




By Ayana Friedman

Beit Avi Chai , May 2011



ִ אמהוּת ולאומיות: קולן של נשים אמניות בשיח השכול וההנצחה

By יעל גילעת

Feb 2011




Art, das Kunstmagazin, November 2010, p.15 , Nov 2010


“מפות נופיות” ושאלת הטריטוריה :דיון ביצירותיהם של אמנים עכשוויים יהודים ופלסטינים בישראל

By ד׳׳ר יעל גילעת

דברים, כתב עת אקדמי, גיליון: מקום, אוקטובר 2010 , Oct 2010


Was war da los Frau Littman

By Felix Rettberg

Der Spiegel,(Szene), Nr. 36/6.9.10, p.60 , Sep 2010




Body and Shadow

By Irena Gordon

The Jerusalem Foundation , May 2009

Artists of the Artists’ Studios


The maternal and another jouissance – a matrixial reading of art

By Hadara Scheflan-Katzav

Feb 2009

This paper is an adaptation of a part of the third chapter of Hadara Scheflan-Katzav's Ph.D dissertation: The Encounter between the Maternal Subject and the Visual Signifier in Current Israeli Art, which was written under the supervision of Professor Ruth Ronen.




Lift-off, Jerusalem Art Season

Sep 2008


Border Walls

Aug 2008


Nocturnal Stillness

By text by Dana Arieli-Horowitz

The New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem , Apr 2008

Nocturnal Stillness, Reuven Zahavi, Ariane Littman-Cohen, Niv Ben-David, The New Gallery Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, text by Dana Arieli-Horowitz, April 2008 (English/Hebrew)




Act of State Photographic History of 40 Years of Occupation

By Ariella Azoulay Assistant

The Gallery of Minshar, School of Art, Tel Aviv Opening: June 7th, 2007 , Jun 2007

The exhibition will present the first outline for a visual history of the Occupation. Hundreds of photographs (in small format) from Israeli and Palestinian sources will be classified along chronological and thematic lines and will give the exhibition an archival character.


Creating Art, Promoting Change: Works by Jewish Women, The Calendar 2007-2008

Project of the Hadassah-Brandeis University and Brandeis University, USA , Jan 2007




אמנות לשינוי

חלונות, כתב עת עברי ערבי לנוער , Nov 2006

נובמבר 2006, עמ' 41


ירושלים תחתית – Downtown Jerusalem

By Yonatan Amir

Jerusalem Foundation , May 2006



Offering Reconciliation

By Bereaved Families Forum for Peace

Catalog of the exhibition at the Ramat Gan Museum , May 2006





“…and turn into a single scream”- women and human rights during armed conflicts

By Curator: Rita Mendes-Flohr

Antea Gallery at Kol Ha-Isha , Dec 2005

English/Hebrew/Arabic והופכות לזעקה אחת" נשים וזכויות האדם בעתות מלחמה "... גלריה אנטיאה, ירושלים


אורות של מטה ואורות של מעלה: על אור פיזי ואור מטפיזי באמנות הישראלית

By גדעון עפרת

הוצאת עם עובד , Oct 2005

אורים , האור בספרות, בהגות ובאמנות עורכים: אמילי בילסקי, אמיתי מנדלסון, אביגדור שנא 212-227 ע'




The Sleepless Night of Hedva Shemesh/”ליל הנדודים של חדוה שמש”

By Ariane Littman-Cohen

Erev Rav , Dec 2004

"The exhibition entitled “The Sleepless Night of Hedva Shemesh” that opened on December 23, 2004 at The New Gallery is in many ways unusual. As soon as one enters the space of the gallery, there is a strong feeling of ‘elsewhere’ that emerges from the aesthetic of the works on display, the majority of them having been created by twelve artists of Russian origin, all living in Jerusalem, that sees themselves as a group with a specific program... This feeling of being marginals, of “never being fully adjusted, always feeling outside the chatty, familiar world inhabited by natives” is something that is openly admitted by the members of the group and that reverberate through their works...."


Jerusalem-Sacred Walls

By Sol Lenzini

Museum Bar David, Kibbutz Bar David , Sep 2004

English, Hebrew, Arabic




(H)Earat Shulayim 6 – Maps. Roads & Souvenirs/הערת שולים 6 – מפות, דרכים ומזכרות

By Editors: Lea Mauas, Diego Rotman

(H)Earat Shulayim , Oct 2003

(H)eara Shulayim 6, pp. 8-9 (Hebrew) see link:


“Bad Girls” – The Israeli version: Contemporary Women Artists in Israel

By Tami Katz-Freiman

in Jewish Feminism in Israel, Some contemporary Perspectives, Brandeis University Press , Oct 2003

Edited by Kalpana Misra and Melanie S. Rich, pp. 141-171


Bad Girls – The Israeli Version Contemporary Women Artists in Israel

By Tami Katz-Freiman

Jewish Feminism in Israel: Some Contemporary Perspectives, University Press of New England, 2003 , Jan 2003




The Boundaries of Sculpture, Israeli Sculpture Between Art, Science and Technology/גבולות הפיסול, פיסול ישראלי בין אמנות, מדע ותעשייה

By Curators: Haim Finkelstein, Haim Maor, Ruti Ofek

The Open Museum in Tefen , Jun 2002

English/Hebrew אוצרות: פרופ' חיים פינקלשטיין, חיים מאור, רותי אופק


Symbolic Israeli landscapes The artists’ work means more to the initiated.

By By Edward J. Sozanski INQUIRER ART CRITIC

phylli.com , Feb 2002

For her second exhibition of Israeli art, Cheryl Harper, curator at the Gershman Y, has chosen four artists who extract symbolic meaning from ordinary landscapes. Sharon Ya'ari, Ariane Littman-Cohen, Roi Kuper and Gal Weinstein don't merely describe their country's topography. Their images are suffused with historical, sociological and personal references meant to convey complex emotions about the country's ideals.


LandEscapes, A Multi-Site Exhibition of Contemporary Israeli Art

By Texts by Cheryl Harper and Tami Katz Freiman

The Gershman Y, The Center for Arts and Culture, Philadelphia, U.S , Jan 2002




White Land / ארץ לבנה או בעקבות ‘היער האסור’

By Dr. Rona Sela / רונה סלה

The Artists House, Jerusalem / בית האמנים, ירושלים , Feb 2001





Report from Israel, Wider Focus

By Richard Vine

Art in America, no. 5, May 2000, pp.65-75 , May 2000



By Esther Dotan

STUDIO Art Magazine 110 , Jan 2000




Art Focus 3, International Biennal of Contemporary Art

By Ilan Wizgan

Oct 1999

Text for the exhibition:The Spirit of The Time and The Spirit of The Place, p. 61 (Hebrew/English)



By Hedva Shemesh, Text: Ariane Littman-Cohen, Correspondence (Hebrew/English)

The New Gallery, Jerusalem 1999 , Jun 1999


Six Set Up a Table

By Rachel Sukman

Musrara 10 , May 1999




In the Name of the Land, In the Name of the Lord, Art and Realities in Jerusalem/על דעת המקום, אמנות ומציאות בירושלים

By Curator: Ilan Wizgan/אוצר: אילן ויזגן

The Artists House, Jerusalem / בית האמנים, ירושלים , Dec 1998


Arts & Leisure: Beasts of Burden

By Cory Dugan

Memphis Flyer , Oct 1998


Between Beauty and Destiny, Three Generations of Israeli Art

By Jill Snyder

Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art , Sep 1998


After Rabin: New Art from Israel

By Susan T. Goodman

The Jewish Museum, September 1998 , Sep 1998


Angst and Introspection In a Time of Transition


The New York Times , Sep 1998

''After Rabin: New Art From Israel'' at the Jewish Museum presents the work of 35 contemporary artists, established and emerging, who are said to be among the most visible and respected in Israel.


שורשי הזרות, ארבעה אמנים מתמודדים עם חווית ההגירה

By סיגל ברקאי

פנים, כתב עת לתרבות, חברה וחינוך, מס' 6, יולי 1998, עמ' 109-114 , Jul 1998


Junge Kunst Aus Israel

By Curator: Renate Buschman

Ministerium fur Wirtshaft und Mittelstand, Technologie und Verkehr, Dusseldorf , Apr 1998



Jerusalem, Anti-Myth’ in: The Real and ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Art

By Milly Heyd

Jewish Art Vol 23/24 1997-1998 pp. 597-99 , Feb 1998

Milly Heyd- Jerusalem, Anti-Myth' in: The Real and ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Art, Jewish Art Vol 23/24 1997-1998 pp. 597-99, edited by Bianca Kuhnel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Jerusalem: Anti-Myth

By Dr. Milly Heyd

Nov 1997

in 'The Real and the Ideal Jerusalem in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Art,' Jewish Art, vol. 23/24, 1997-98, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, edited by Bianca Kuhnel, pp.597-99


Out of Senses

By Florent Bex & Jan Fonce

MUKHA, Antwerpen, , Apr 1997





Woman Time/זמן אשה

By Curator: Nella Cassouto

in 'December of Women,' The Artists House, Haifa , Dec 1996

Hebrew אוצרת: נלה קסוטו, בית האמנים ע''ש שאגאל,חיפה, דצמבר של נשים


Desert Cliché, Israel Now, Local Images

By Tami Katz-Freiman & Amy Cappellazzo

Israeli Forum of Art Museums and the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach, Florida, 1996 (Hebrew/English) , Sep 1996

pp.25, 30, 46-48, 83


A Voyage into the Sublime

By Texts by Dr. Ganit Ankori and Ariane Littman

Herzliya Museum of Art, Spring 1997 , Jul 1996


Marks: Artists Work Throughout Jerusalem/סימנים, אמנים עובדים בחוצות ירושלים

By Curator: Susan Landau

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem , Jun 1996

(Hebrew/English) אוצרת: סוזן לנדאו ,מוזיאון ישראל, ירושלים




Sculpture – Installation 95

By Hedva Shemesh, Ariane Littman-Cohen, Jaffa Sunshine, April 1995 (Hebrew/English)

Israel Festival, Jerusalem Culture Dept. Jerusalem Municipality, 1995 , Jul 1995


Virgin of Israel and Her Daughters בתולת ישראל ובנותיה

By Texts: Nella Cassouto, Ariane Littman

The Artists House, Jerusalem / בית האמנים, ירושלים , Mar 1995



Tel Aviv, Israel

By Barry Schwabsky

Magazine: Sculpture , Jan 1995

On Art Focus 1994





By Dr. Rona Sela

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art , Oct 1994



ארט פוקוס, אמנות בת זמננו 1994

By ורד מימון

59, ארבע על חמש , Oct 1994

חללימ אלטרנטיביים ומיצנים


Love at First Sight

By Igal Tsalmona

Israel Museum , Oct 1994

The Vera, Silvia and Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art


מעמידה את הסופיות מול הנצחיות

By סמדר גולן

עולם האשה, אמנות פלסטית, ספטמבר 94 , Sep 1994


מטא-סקס 94, זהות, גוף, ומיניות

By אוצרות: תמי כץ-פרימן, תמר אלאור

משכן לאמנות ע''ש חיים אתר, עין-חרוד, מוזיאון בת-ים ע''ש דוד בן-ארי , Jun 1994

יוני-יולי 1994 עמ' 81-80, 131-130


Meta Sex 94, Identity, Body & Sexuality

By Tami Katz-Freiman, Tamar El-Or

Museum of Art, Ein Harod; Bat-Yam Museum, 1994 , May 1994

pp. 80-81, 131-133, (Hebrew/English)




The Range of Realism

By Dr, Rona Sela

Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Oct 1993



Third Person, גוף שלישי

By Ariela Azoulai and Michal Heiman/ אוצרת: אריאלה אזולאי, ומיכל היימן

Bograshov Gallery, Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv/ גלריה בוגרשוב, קמרה אובסקורה, תל אביב , Mar 1993

Texts in Hebrew followed by english translation




דודו גבע

By שלומית סנדר אלטמן

4 x 5 , Sep 1992


מי חתום על הברווז ? התערוכה

By אדם ברוך

זמן תל אביב , Sep 1992


Sketches (Mickey’s Keffiyeh)

Sep 1992


מאז שמרסל דושאן צייר שפם למונה ליזה

By סמדר שפי

הארץ , Sep 1992


מה גדל בחממה של בוגרשוב?

By רותי דירקטור

מעריב, ספרות ואמנות , Jul 1992



Jul 1992

אירית סגולי, עצים בחממה, הארץ, 17.7.92 טלי תמיר, השלמה עם מות האמנות, הארץ 28.7.92


ביער בבוגרשוב

By ד"ר גדעון עפרת

גלריה בוגרשוב , Jun 1992

טקסט לתערוכה טבע דומם


In the Forest of Bograshov

By Dr. Gideon Ofrat

Bograshov Gallery , Jun 1992



Jun 1992

תלינו, חממה זמנית, העיר 19.6.92 רבקה מאיר, טבע מבויית, דבר 5.7.92


Sketches Nature Morte

Mar 1992




לכבוש את ההר

By מרים יזרעאל

כל העיר, 5.7.91 , Jul 1991


Niches (Hebrew)

Jul 1991


By מיכאל סגן-כהן

ירושלים, 22.3.91 , Mar 1991


בבצלאל …

By מיכאל סגן-כהן

ירושלים, 22.3.91 , Mar 1991

Ariane Littman