Offering Reconciliation

The ‘Offering Reconciliation’ project was conceived by ‘The Bereaved Families Forum for Peace, Reconciliation and Tolerance’ to enable the public to reach the idea of reconciliation through art, as part of the activities to establish the Israeli ‘Circle of Friends’ and this in order to spread the vision of reconciliation and tolerance to a wider audience of Israelis and Palestinians. The Forum is home for hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians bereaved families who chose a path of reconciliation rather then revenge. Orna Tamir-Schestowitz, leading the ‘Circle of Friends’ created a ceramic bowl she named ‘The bowl of reconciliation.’  These bowls became the basis for 130 works by leading Palestinian and Israeli painters, sculptors and photographers to express hope and reconciliation. The bowls were then sold and the monies collected were then invested to fund further educational activities of the ‘Parents Circle-Families Forum.’

Ariane Littman