Muses in the Valley

In my project entitled Holy Land (1994-2002) I question the conflicting use of the words ‘Holy Land’ as a marketing strategy and its transformation into commodity products. Having been in contact since 1994 with well-known public companies I use their logo to create a tension between religious, political and economic interests. Although the products are mass-produced, like in the art world, I signed and numbered them.

Within the context of the show at the Pioneer Settlement Museum of the Kibbutz Yif’at in the Yizrael Valley, the products: bags of earth, jars of honey, air cans and blue boxes were exhibited in the ancient grocery store. I also exhibited there a few of my beehives.


MusesProject Holy Land 001Project Holy Land, 001Project Holy Land, 003Project Holy Land, 002Project Holy Land, 004Project Holy Land, 005Project Holy Land, 006
Ariane Littman