Meta Sex 94, Identity, Body and Sexuality

Curators: Tami Katz-Freiman & Tamar El-Or 

The exhibition deals with subjects that relate, both directly and indirectly to sexual identity (female and male): challenging the borders of gender, examining the connection between body and sexuality, questions concerning the representation of qualities associated with femininity (seduction, beauty, decoration, sexuality, nourishing, organicity, naturalness, fragility), appropriation of pornographic discourses, investigation of the accepted relations between woman-mother, woman-nature, woman-home, woman-dirt, woman-man, and defiance of stereotypes concerning women’s work with material (transparency, tenderness, delicacy etc…)

Originally the exhibition was curated for the Mishkan Le’Omanut –Ein Harod and was exhibited there during the summer 1994. It was transferred to Bat Yam Museum for the occasion of the “Art Focus” events and as a result some of the works have been adapted to the specific exhibition space at Bat Yam..

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue book of 156 pages.


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Ariane Littman