Jerusalem, Surface Fractures

 Curators: Israel Hadani, Zvi Tolkovski and Hedva Shemesh

“…The exhibition brings together clichés of desires, ideals and dreams which are supposed to create a valid and present principle. The exhibition does not intend to prove or disprove connections in order to teach an unknown principle, but rather to discuss, once more, the everyday moments, those non-celebratory moments drawn from burstling surroundings that for a while lose contact with the heart and the eye of the “homeland teacher.”

Zvi Tolkovski


Living in Israel and in Jerusalem in particular, means having to make choices about where and what to look at, or what to ignore. Making art is therefore not only about aesthetics, political and existential as well. Over the years the fractures of the city, its chronic condition of instability and violence, as well as its daily status quo, has been the inspiration for many woks. A kind of metaphorical healing. In this exhibition I exhibited three photographs from the Burial series.

InvitationJerusalem-1Jerusalem Surface Fractures, 01Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 02Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 03Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 04Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 05Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 07Jerusalem, Surface Fractures, 08
Ariane Littman