A Voyage into the Sublime

Curator: Aim Luski 

A Voyage into the Sublime

The sublime was not a realm I had expected to explore at first; it somehow grew out of general reflections on man’s domestication of his environment, a concern that triggered my 1992 greenhouse installation in Bograshov Gallery and my 1994 beehive installation in Tel Hai. Pursuing my reflections on the nature-culture dialectic, I contracted “Air Monitor”, a research and development company which aims at purifying ambient air thanks to its advanced technologies. Their activities enhanced my awareness of the fact that our technological age represents the first total threat to the simple but vital act of breathing. Due to pollution and artificial indoor climate, we are increasingly exposed to distorted, unnatural electrical fields that exert pressures on our body chemistry which are then translated into acute migraines, respiratory ailments, and general anxiety. Manipulations of ambient air can also match man’s urge to violence, as exemplified by the use of poisonous gas, a quiet and undetectable vehicle of death, whose specter, engraved on our collective memory, resurfaced during the Gulf War.

I intuitively began to experience the sublime as my imagination and perceptions overwhelmed by the air vast and powerful possibilities painfully receded. This led me to meditate on the infinite vs. my own finite nature and to start my voyage into the sublime experience both through the senses and through the intellect…


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Ariane Littman