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Washing 2008, 2008

Collaborative project by Ariane Littman and Reuven Zahavi

video animation: 1’46 min

3D  animation, sound and interactive design by Reuven Zahavi

Similarly to some of the works in Donald Duck’s Dream (2005), Washing  uses IDF spokesperson updates in an attempt to brake with the manipulative regime of texts. The text is composed by fragments of updates published on the IDF site and gathered during a few days in March 2008. Transformed into a 3D animated and interactive project in the exhibition Nocturnal Stillness (The New Gallery, Jerusalem, 2008) the viewer is filmed observing the clip by a camera placed in the very space where ‘Washing’ is screened. The camera blends his reflection in the screen with the events, thereby clearly turning him into an accomplice in some part of the reality. Both the viewer and the site become integrated and locked in the midst of words that have taken over the space itself.

Ariane Littman