The Spirit of the Time and the Spirit of the Place, Art Focus

Curator: Ilan Wizgan

Two contextual axes and six artists hold “The Spirit of the Time and the Spirit of the Place” exhibition together. On the one hand, all six of the artists participating in the exhibitions operate in “the spirit of  the time”,…on the other hand, in their work these artists lean on the place in which and out of which they operate – a place which is going through a process of cultural and political consolidation…

Ariane Littman, in her works, deals with the questions of place and identity, and focuses on the question of the sacredness of the Land for the Jews, Muslim and Christians. In works such as Holy land for Sale and Holy Air, she deconstructs sacred concepts and processed them through practices of duplication and distribution.


Artists: Joshua Borkovsky, Larry Abramson, Asaf Ben Zvi, Yehudit Sasportas, Gilad Efrat and Ariane Littman

Holy Land for Sale, 005Untitled
Ariane Littman