The Age of a Different Re-Action

Curator: Davide Gallo

works by

Nir Evron, Littman & Zahavi, Benjamin Reich, Jan Tichy, Rona Yefman & Tania Schlander 

On Friday January 16th 2009, galerie davide gallo has the pleasure to present the exhibition “The Age of a Different Re-Action”, a project that includes 5 artists and 7 works, two of which are the result of specific cooperation.

This show was scheduled long time ago, now, when the Middle East situation is so difficult, it wants to present the new Israeli art scene and its capacity to tell the facts from a different perspective.
This show gives me the chance to send a sincere message of peace to the Middle East.

I think that Ariane Littman & Reuven Zahavi, Benjamin Reich, Jan Tichy, Nir Evron and Rona Jefman are artists, who in such an antique society like Europe, you would dare to define as “counterculture” figures, but in a relatively recent world like Israel they don’t own such a strong conscience to be considered “counterculture” at all. All these artists have made of their own art not only a mere esthetical experience but a real mean for social communication.
Furthermore they have been able to transform their personal condition and their own connected perception of the sociopolitical phenomena in a wider sphere and – to use a common word – in a “global” form.


Ariane Littman