Heara 11 – The Last Comment

Curators: Lea Maaus and Diego Rautman of the Sala-Manca art group

In Heara 11 – The Last Comment, a Multi-Site Interdisciplinary Art Event that took place in Jerusalem in October 2007 I exhibited together with my colleague Reuven Zahavi a collaborative work entitled Smoking Utopia.

In this site specific collaborative installation which took place in an ancient Jerusalem Print Workshop, objects in the space are concealed by dim red light and by the actual smoke expelled from a smoke machine. Virtual smoke also appears in  the video and sound animation of Reuven Zahavi’s work Just Smoke and in Just Words.

The red words appearing on the screen in the work Just Smoke, were selected from IDF spokesperson announcements over a period of 5 months. Attributed to “security sources” the words are part of IDF announcements following the attack by the Hamas at the Kerem Shalom crossing on June 25th 2006. The attack initiated a retaliation operation, a year after the Disengagement from the Gaza Strip. 



image002Smoking Utopia 001Smoking Utopia 002Smoking Utopia 003Smoking Utopia 004Smoking Utopia 011
Ariane Littman