No Man’s Land

Curator: Marie Shek

The exhibition No Man’s Land seeks to penetrate the depths of irresolvable situations or forbidden territories in order to explore aspects of some of the derivative connotations of its title: recklessness, abandonment and loss of control. The participating artists operate in the intermediate space between situations, people and territories, facing paradoxes that lead to a third state: a vulnerable twilight zone; a cognitive state that begins with a dream or fantasy and ends with self-aware criticism…read more in:publication with scanned articles in English and Hebrew and part of the photos

Artists: Ohad Matalon, Sagit Mezamer, Assaf Shoshan, Lihi Turjeman, Tsahi Hacmon, Dina Shenhav, Karen Russo, Ariane Littman, Adrian Paci


Angela Levine, No Man’s Land at Jerusalem’s Artists’ House, Midnight East Blog, 23.6.14

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Ariane Littman