BorderLand, Mapping and Walking Jerusalem’s Borderline

Solo Exhibition

Curator: Cheb Kammerer

In January 2007, Cheb Kammerer  invited me to exhibit in the Gallery of the Willy Brandt Centre named ‘Red Lounge’ and which focuses, he told me, “on contemporary art that deals in a critical way with the various aspects of the socio-political reality.”

Facing the Temple Mount, (Haram el Shariff), the Willy Brandt Centre is located in the neighborhood of Abu Tor/ Al Thouri and stands on the Green Line – the former “no-man’s-land” that separated the Jordanian East Jerusalem from the Israeli West Jerusalem. The Centre hosts the activities of three youth organisations: The Jusos (German Young Socialists), the youth organisation of the Israeli Labor Party (Mishmeret Tse’irah) and the Palestinian Fatah Youth (Shabibat Fatah). Back in 1996 these organisations had agreed in Ramallah to create a centre in Jerusalem that would enable encounters between German, Israeli, and Palestinian young adults, a vision which, despite the Second Intifada, became a reality in October 2003.

In this various site-specific mixed media installation, Border Land, Mapping and Walking Jerusalem’s Borderlines, I show the city’s wounds and scars, a vision dialectically opposed to unity slogans and to the infinite beauty unfolding in front of the viewer standing on the balcony of the Willy Brandt Centre.



Border Land 2007 1Border Land 2007 2The House 001The House 002House 006The House 008
Ariane Littman