Ahuzim, Between Poetics and Politics

This show was exhibited within the framework of the Manofim events. There I exhibited for the first time 3 big Wounded Land Maps and I performed dressed in white as I sat and sew a map of Jerusalem.

Ahuzim, Between Poetics and Politics

The desire to view a frenetic political reality through poetic lenses has given birth to Ahuzim, a self-curated cooperative installation.

The question of art within the daily context of conflict, disinformation, duality and disagreement has given rise to a “neighborhood” of temporary structures and virtual satellites in the exhibition space and network.

A metaphorical outpost?

The outpost signifies invasive despair. And are we settling or being settled?

The project arose out of rounds of discussion between a group of artists working and exhibiting together and apart in the alternative arena of divided Jerusalem.

Male and female artists are raising artistic and ethical questions in the face of the contemporary artistic existential reality.


Artists: Hanna Ben-Haim Yulzari, Reuven Zahavi, Hagar Yulzari, Ariane Littman, Nella Magen Cassouto, Iris Sara Schiller.

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Ariane Littman