Act of State, Photographic History of 40 Years of Occupation

Curator: Dr. Ariela Azoulai  


During the years 2002-2007, in the midst of the Second Intifada and after the bomb attack at Café Moment in March 2002, feeling extremely vulnerable and frightened, I felt the urge in order to better understand the conflict to go towards the borders around Jerusalem and to document the checkpoints and the separation wall starting to rise. Accompanying Rina Castelnuevo, the New York Time photographer, I suddenly discovered a whole new reality  I was unaware of. Later on, after the Second Lebanon War, I worked with the correspondent of the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger’s, Marlène Schnieppers, on several assignments. At the beginning of 2008, I stopped working as a freelance news photographer and returned to the studio with new perceptions about the complexity of the conflict. I took thousand  of pictures during that period, a few of them were integrated in the show ‘Act of State’ at Minshar Gallery in 2007. 


Act of StateAbu Dis, Sept.03 02Qalandiya Checkpoint, Apr.04 01El Khader-Bethlehem 02Ar Ram, Feb. 04 01.jpgAr Ram Sept. 04, 03Ar Ram, Sept. 04, 07Strawberies, A’ ram Feb 09 06, 06Ar Ram, Sept. 04, 04Palestinian woman photographing demonstration in Kalandia, Feb 09 06, 04 jpg.Dolls at Kalandia checkpoint Feb 09 06 03 jpgSoldier closing fence, Abu Dis June 07 05 03Closing the Wall, Kalandia,June 2006 02Palestinian man crossing Wall, El Azhariyia 13 06  06 01Young Palestinian and soldier, Hebron,  29.11.05  03Soldier throwing a stun grenade, Feb 9 07 10Palestinian children running Feb 9 07 08Young Palestinian  man and wounded, feb 9 07 02
Ariane Littman