A Borderline Case (2004-2012) 2012
Curators: Judith K. Brodsky & Ferris Olin
The show, The Wounded Land Map Project: A Borderline Case (2004-2012) was part of  the project, Fertile Crescent, Gender, Art, and Society, organised by Rutgers University Institute of Women and Art. This solo show showcased many of the artworks from the Wounded Land project: 7 Wounded Land Maps, the video The Green Thread, the in-situ installation Dressed Land,  Erasure,  8 Shredded Land Maps and two videos: The Olive Tree and Sea of Death.

Professor Joanna Regulska introducing Ariane Littman during her lecture as a Lebowitz Visiting Artist-in-Residence at the Rutgers University, NJ 

“What is the meaning of borders? Can borders become ‘less visible’ or ‘less important’ and how does a border change through the act (or action) of crossing it? Can we eradicate/erase borders? Does the cross-border process involve the deletion or maybe the negation of that border? Or maybe crossing of a border or the attempt to eradicate it involves in fact the reinforcement of that border’s existence and draws greater attention to it; increasing its significance materially, symbolically, emotionally or politically.

By asking these and other questions Ariane Littman draws our attention not only to border as a ‘product’ to be studied and observed, but also to seeing border as a ‘process’, with its history, significance, disruptions and pains, divisions and joy of reconnecting….”

Read more of “What is the meaning of borders” by Professor Joanna Regulska in publication


Borderline 001Working on Dressed Land 01Working on Dressed Land 02Working on Dressed Land 03Dressed Land 02Borderline 002Borderline 003Borderline 004Borderline 005Borderline 007Borderline 008Borderline 006Borderline 009Borderline 010Borderline 011Borderline 012Borderline 013Borderline 014Borderline 019Borderline 015Borderline 016Borderline 018Borderline 017Borderline 021Borderline 020Borderline 022
Ariane Littman