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Wounded Land, map in process 2020, 2020

The idea of this new wounded map currently in process originated in my mind before the Coronavirus changed our lives. I wanted to create a map of the whole country and not just those of Jerusalem or of the Judea-Samaria/West Bank Embryo. It took me time to find the right-sized map in shops. Since its size  was much bigger then my previous ones I had to set a special support in my studio for this 320 cm map. The map lingered folded in a corner of my studio for a long time whilst the table was set up with the canvas I had bought. The time was not right to start the work. Then came the Coronavirus and in March the first 500 meter home-confinement and with it, shock and inner withdrawal. I didn’t go back to my studio in Jerusalem for several months but worked on other projects from home. Unable to visit my elderly mother in Switzerland, I created in April Confined Memories, a performance in a small tent I had set in my living room, rolling up hundreds of sterile gauzes whilst reading aloud postcards from my parents I had collected as a child. I then created Dear Little Arianette, based on digitalised 8mm movies of their trips around the world described in the postcards. The map kept nagging me but the time was still not right. Just before the second 1 kilometer home-confinement in September, I performed a new work with my daughter, near the Dead Sea, The Muse. The map kept nagging me and when the confinement ended in October, I finally started to work on the map in my studio, gluing, cutting, dressing, plastering and sewing. I have just began but I know that this map will embody our wounds, those from Covid-19 but also the social and political wounds of this alienated reality.

Ariane Littman