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Dear Little Arianette 2020, 2020

Plagued by news of the pandemic, the artist, rolling up bandages whilst in lockdown, escapes into the colorful world of postcards. This lost world revived through beautiful exotic travels, painfully echoes a past and present family separation

Dedicated to my mother in lockdown overseas.

A film by Ariane Littman

French narration, with subtitles in English, German and Hebrew, (6:30′)

Script: Ariane Littman & Ora Maimon Pilewski

Editor: Ora Maimon Pilewski.

Performed during the lockdown by Ariane Littman & filmed by Kalia Gisele Littman Cohen. Archival footage filmed by David G. Littman. Produced by Studio 11. French Narrators: Tali Boublil & Ariane Littman. Sound Design and Music: Marcelo Pilewski. Colorist: Alina Romanova. Bootke Color Studio, Tel Aviv. (French & English speaking, English, German and Hebrew subtitles).

© Ariane Littman 2020

Ariane Littman