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Wounded Landscape, 2008

In this installation at the Jerusalem Artists’ Studios, I hang  three ‘Closure Maps’ (2004) on a green woolen thread. Originally these maps were ‘operated’ during eleven hours in a joint performance with Irit Amar in the framework of the contemporary event Heara 8 which took place at the International Anglican School of Jerusalem in November 2004. Printed by OCHA Humanitarian Information Centre and distributed by the UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the maps show the various checkpoints, barriers and road networks around Jerusalem. On a small Tv I had the performance  showing in the corner of the space. On the ground, below the hanging maps, a set of solidified, yet extremely fragile and breakable sand bags which suggest the impossibility of building a stable homeland. These sandbags were first on display in 2004 at the art gallery of Hazira in Jerusalem, where the installation related to the city of Jerusalem having become a kind of  Border Land, a landscape leaving no place for romantic and picturesque feelings. Also on view were two photographs from the the series entitled Burials

Ariane Littman