Dead End 2008

Dead End 2008, 2008

Collaborative project by Ariane Littman & Reuven Zahavi
Photographs by Ariane Littman, video editing by Reuven Zahavi

The video Dead End (2006-2008) is a collaborative work with artist Reuven Zahavi. Zahavi gave motion to the stills I shot while covering the events following the adduction of Gilad Shalit by the Hamas in June 2006. The photographic journeys I undertook on the Gaza border during the Operation Summer Rain led to the creation with  Reuven of a series of multimedia projects around the theme of ‘Night and Smoke.’ 

In Dead End the smoke, emerging from armoured forces and blurring the senses, was perceived as a metaphor for the covering up and the concealing of reality, leaving the individual vulnerable and powerless and without a sense of perspective, prisoner between security concerns and occupation, peace and war slogans but more acutely, lost in a physical and metaphysical existential labyrinth with no beginning and no end.

Ariane Littman