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Behind the Wall, 2004

Probably the outcome to my photographic incursions into the Border Land, Behind the Wall is a personal metaphor for a landscape which has forever lost its innocence and leaves no place for romantic and picturesque feelings. It relates to a Holy Land that has become a Border Land, a land of geographic, military and cultural borders. For that purpose I created an installation behind temporary walls, relinquishing the main exhibition space. At the entrance to the show two Jerusalem Scrolls with images of the erection of the Separation Wall in Abu Dis in 2003, on the walls five black barrel’s lids with pictures of Palestinians villages behind barbered fences and on the floor rusted and discarded ready-made construction-site materials filled with pits turned black, vestiges of yearly wars over olive harvests. The impossibility to build a stable Homeland was symbolised by sand bags which having solidified over time looked like fossils but were in fact extremely fragile and breakable.

Ariane Littman