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The Mobile Wall, 2003

Installation by Ariane Littman and Hannan Abu Hussein


In September 2003 I went with Hannan Abu Hussein, a friend and colleague to Abu Dis an Eastern suburb of Jerusalem which was then divided by temporary cement walls before the erection of the much higher 8 meter ‘Separation Wall’.

For the contemporary art event of Heara 6 – On the borders of the Comment – taking place at the David Tower Museum, we decided together to create an exact replica of two of these concrete walls adding graffiti we had seen.

We installed our Mobile Wall not far from the last piece of work on show in the museum which was a replica of a fragment of the very wall that divided the city back in 1967.

In this context our own replica of the Abu Dis Wall functioned both as an obstruction to the flow of visitors and as a semiotic interruption of the historical narrative of the museum, echoing the real walls being actually built at the fringe of the city.

Installation at the David Tower Museum, the Old City, Jerusalem

Wood and concrete (2 parts)

220cm x 100cm x 20cm (each part)



Ariane Littman