Scar 14

Drawers 2002, 2002

A film by Alaa Francis for the show Scar


Border Land: A Diary (excerpts)


In the cafeteria of the university, surrounded by students speaking hebrew and arabic, I dream of alternative ways. Earlier on, Hannan and I met with Alaa. He has agreed to shoot the movie which seems to us the most appropriate format for a collaborative work. Alaa graduated from  Bezalel a couple of years ago, he did a short film on the Borderline when he was living in Bet Hanina.


I went back, this time with Alaa, to film the railway line, we walked along the tracks and under the bridge into Bet Tsafafa, he showed me the house he had shared with his brother before going to Art School. Once a week, we all meet, the movie is progressing and slowly this exhibition  has become for me a  way of creating an alternative reality…

Ariane Littman