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Fragments of Time, 1997

Fragments of Time  (1997) is a personal memento Mori. It was created in 1997 while working on The Nurturing Vessel. I was in contact then with the kibbutz  ‘Ma’abarot’ which were to provide me with 90 kg of Materna, or 175 boxes of kosher baby powder milk, also branded under the name ‘Israel Milk.’ The logo of the baby powder milk was a tiny teddy bear  and  my ‘sand box’ in which I poured the powder milk was covered with cement.

Fragments of Time was created using my own teddy bear, the only childhood object I had brought with me when I left Switzerland, together with pieces from the ‘Mother and Daughter’ puzzle. I added a picture of my daughter Tair, photographed together with me by Moti Efrah, a student in photography at Bezalel, when we were both studying there in our last year. I constructed a wooden box which I also covered like my sand-box with cement and I added a dim red light like in by beehives. The work was a dialog with my own mother, childhood and motherhood.

Ariane Littman