Bubbles, 1996

I created this installation in the busy central bus station of Tel Aviv. I painted in black the whole inside walls of the room and I then installed on the floor round armatures that are usually hanged on the ceiling or on the walls, in order to disorient even more the viewer I decided to use blue bulbs. At the time in my search to achieve a different sense of reality, coloured light was an important element in my art work. I had used pink fluorescents in ‘Niches’ (1991), in ‘Nature Morte’ (1992) and in ‘Invitation to a Voyage’ (1993) both shown at the Bograshov Gallery in Tel Aviv.
At the Central Bus Station, I wanted to created a different space, more meditative in this site that was very busy and unaesthetic.
The room itself was locked and viewers had to look through the big windows on both sides which to paint partly in black.

Ariane Littman