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Jaffa Sunshine, 1995

Walking around the Jerusalem Theatre, I was struck by its monumental appearance. Suddenly the sheer weight contrasted with heard melodies, and I felt that this huge mass had been erected to confine spirituality within concrete boundaries. Furthermore, the fragility of the human condition seemed embodied by a young woman in a wheelchair waiting, crushed beneath the stark wall.

Slowly, I came to realised that nothing could rival the sense of invincibility and strength permeating the place; instinctively, I knew that only a soft and light material would blend in with it. The long roof over the box-office – its human dimension enhanced by a beautiful house with green shutters, visible from every angle – seemed an ideal location on which to conceive a project. Closing my eyes, I saw yellow sun-shades scattered over the roof; displaced from their usual context and bereft of their function, they looked like a field of sunflowers, while their fragility and nomadic quality could not have struck a greater contrast to that earthly cultural fortress…

     Jerusalem, April 1995

 Published in: Sculpture-Installation 95, curator Hedva Shemesh, Israel Festival, The Jerusalem Theatre






Ariane Littman