Mother Land

Mother&Daughter 07

The works presented in this chapter engage in a dialogue between the Mother Land and motherhood.
Much of the works are associated with nourishment such as baby powder milk, honey, and olives and they resemble womb-like interiors (beehives, barrels and boxes). The red color is intrinsic to many of the pieces, a color chosen in 1994 to lightened the beehives, probably since it is the color of blood and that of passion, a duality also reflected in the bees whom in ancient times were connected to the birth and death of the soul and yet symbolized as well the motherliness of earth.

Works with olives belongs to this chapter too, as the symbol of a nurturing and bountiful yet ambiguous motherland. Olive trees being deep-rooted in the surrounding landscape and its fruit a genuine element in culinary habits, the olive branch is also an abstract symbol of peace and yet in time of conflicts, trees are uprooted and their harvest often violently hindered.