Grafted Land 2017Grafted Land final 2017Grafted Land 003Grafted Land 005Grafted Land 007Grafted Land 002Litman 6916Healing 012Grafted Land 02Grafted Land 001The Holy Land, Palestine Mapping Center

Twins Embryos 2017, 2017

From the series Grafted Land 2015-2017

Using over the past two decades maps produced by many different sources, I took for the “Grafted Land” series a Palestinian map entitled ‘The Holy Land, Palestine and Israel’, edited in 2010 and produced by the Palestine Mapping Center. On this map, different colors are used to define Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.

During the creative process, the various colored areas first undergo a ‘surgical’ procedure which leaves a red wound, then these severed disembodied segments are covered in gauze and plaster and sutured with green thread. The first grafted map was exhibited in an installation at The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington (Delaware) and at the Center for the Arts Gallery in Towson University (Maryland).

‘Twins Embryos’ is a diptych map, covered in gauze and plaster and sutured with green thread that represents an enlargement of the West Bank. On one map, the embryo shows a red empty space, while the second embryo is composed of fragments of the West Bank. Both embryos, detached from their geographical surroundings, have become a fluid entity still in process.