Grafted Land 002Grafted Land 003Grafted Land 005Grafted Land 007Grafted Land final 2017The Holy Land, Palestine Mapping Center

Grafted Land 2016, 2017

In Process: In the series ‘Grafted Land’, based on a Palestinian Tourist Map produced by the Palestine Mapping Center, the coloured disputed areas of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights undergo a ‘surgical’ procedure to separated them from the official Israeli map. The new ‘operated’ map shows four severed disembodied segments sutured with green thread drifting apart.

In 2015 the first Grafted Map was exhibited lying on an hospital operation table in the installation at The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington (Delaware) within the framework of Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art, at the Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University (Maryland).