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Dressed Land, 2012

In this installation at The Women Artists Series Galleries, Douglass Library, Rutgers University – New Brunswick (NJ), a white dress covered with gauzes and fragments from closure maps hangs  surrounded by 7 Wounded Maps. Below the disembodied dress, white gauzes covered in plaster and red stains with green spools fixed to the ground and sewn onto the dress. The dress was worn during the performances held while sewing the Wounded Maps (2009-2012).
In 2016, I created a new installation for the group show “All that Remains” at the Zaritsky Artists House in Tel Aviv. Symbolising a bleeding Mother Land, the dress hangs this time above a Wounded Map stained in red.
Materials: Fabric, closure maps of Jerusalem, gauzes, haemostats, green spools, plaster, wax, pigment and earth